Thursday, 27 April 2017

Power and Might like None Other – Hera Rods

Fishing by itself is a great experience. Having an extra passion to catch big fishes gives a thrill like no other.  Japanese were pioneer in fishing and most of the techniques and support equipment used for fishing are designed and innovated by Japanese through the ages. Traditional rods were made using bamboo and were effective in catching small fishes. The bigger fishes needed a different design and technique to catch. Traditionally, Hera Rods were also made of bamboo but with a design different from the normal ones. This type of rod is used till date by anglers for catching fishes.

Hera Rods consist only of a single pole without reels and a string attached on one end. They are made of strong wood which is compressed at high temperatures to withstand the weight of heavy fishes. These rods came into existence only when the normal ones proved futile to catch heavy and ferocious fishes. These rods are very precise and accurate. It is easy to use and the experience while angling with this rod is fun and is an experience of a lifetime especially when big, non-cooperative and ferocious fishes hold on to the bait.

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