Thursday, 27 April 2017

Power and Might like None Other – Hera Rods

Fishing by itself is a great experience. Having an extra passion to catch big fishes gives a thrill like no other.  Japanese were pioneer in fishing and most of the techniques and support equipment used for fishing are designed and innovated by Japanese through the ages. Traditional rods were made using bamboo and were effective in catching small fishes. The bigger fishes needed a different design and technique to catch. Traditionally, Hera Rods were also made of bamboo but with a design different from the normal ones. This type of rod is used till date by anglers for catching fishes.

Hera Rods consist only of a single pole without reels and a string attached on one end. They are made of strong wood which is compressed at high temperatures to withstand the weight of heavy fishes. These rods came into existence only when the normal ones proved futile to catch heavy and ferocious fishes. These rods are very precise and accurate. It is easy to use and the experience while angling with this rod is fun and is an experience of a lifetime especially when big, non-cooperative and ferocious fishes hold on to the bait.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Traditional Fish Catching Using Fly Rods

The thrill of catching fish either for the joy of catching it or for making a meal out of it on weekend vacations is an experience by itself. Fly fishing is the most revered style of fishing.  This kind of fishing is usually seen on charter fishing as well as a recreational activity. Flies were traditionally used by early fishermen to catch fishes. Dead flies were attached on one end to attract fishes to the surface of the water and get hold of the flies. This technique was copied by fishermen from nature and was effectively implemented by them to mimic the naturally occurring phenomenon. These Fly Rods were initially made of bamboo of high quality and the recent ones made of bamboo are a classic piece which an avid collector would not miss out on.

Japanese technology, engineering and manufacturing techniques have a high precision and the quality of the rod is impeccable. The rods that come out these days are mostly of graphite carbon fiber that is known for supreme standard of quality, lightweight and sturdy. These Fly Rods have a reelon the handle and are not very long. Usually, these rods are not telescopic, i.e. their poles do not extend as when required. They are of fixed length to whole string end, an artificial fly is attached and fishes are caught.


Monday, 3 April 2017

Premium Quality Fishing Rods at Attractive Prices

A long boat ride into the ocean is a pleasant experience, but when it is complimented with an activity that is fun, the experience gets a touch closer to the nature that is more than just a boat ride. Fly fishing is one such add on to the boat ride, that elevates the experience of a boat ride. It is usually done as a recreational activity these days, but it used to be a profession for many people back in time. Fly fishing is usually done with an artificial fly used as a bait that is attached at the end of Fishing Rods.

Fly fishing is the traditional method of fishing and gives the actual feel of it, if right Fishing Rods are used. Traditionally they were made of Bamboo, but through the age lot of innovations have happened to them. These new and advanced rods that we provide are made of fiber that is distinguished in terms of quality and sustainability, designed and manufactured in Japan. To make the artificial fly land on the surface of water as naturally as a real fly would can only be accurately done with the help of a lightweight and a rod with superior design and quality of material. We love what we sell, and we sell only what our customers feel will be a value for their money.