Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Through the Reel of Casting Rods

Not only is angling or fishing a profession, they have also found their space in competitive sporting events. Ever since fishing came into existence as a profession, it was for a living and to earn money. An interest built even in other people, about fishing, whose occupation was something else and this turned into a hobby which in turn became a sport in a way. A lot of people in the western countries have fishing as their hobby and it is now catching on to the rest of the world. Casting is one of the basic techniques of fishing. This technique uses Casting Rods for the purpose.

Reels are not a necessity in some rods, as they do not require long strings for fishing deep inside the sea or lakes. Casting Rodsare the basic rods which have a pole attached on top of the handle with a constant string length. The length of the pole decides the superiority of the rod. More the length better is the mechanical advantage for the angler. Casting technique depends mostly on the angle at which the pole is being cast and the centre of gravity of the rod. It also depends on the sturdiness of the material and the weight of the rod.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Deep Sea angling using Carp Rods

Rods were essentially used to catch fishes for recreation, now called angling. Conventional fish catching includes throwing a net into the sea water and catching a lot. This is for the people who take it up as their profession to earn their living, by selling fishes. For the rest, it is seen as a recreational activity done during their weekends, free time or during vacation. Charter fishing is one such where a boat is chartered and taken out for recreational fishing. Carp Rods are used mostly during charter fishing. 

The use of carp rod is primarily for the strength and the stability it gives to the person while fishing even when the fish is big. These are made using top quality fiber that gets manufactured from premium factories in Japan. Angling using normal rods which just have a pole and string are not suitable when looking to catch a fish inside the sea. Usually when inside the sea, fishes are deep in the ocean and normal rods with small strings will not be able to the job. Carp Rods do just what needs to be done to catch fishes in the sea. These rods have reels and strings that can be extended deep into the ocean, to catch fishes inside the sea.